Greate News, we just released the OpenSIPS Control Panel 8.3.0 for OpenSIPS 3.0. Enjoy it!

What is OpenSIPS Control Panel?

OpenSIPS Control Panel is a PHP Web Portal for provisioning OpenSIPS SIP server. A single instance of OpenSIPS Control Panel may be used to provision, operate and monitor multiple instances of OpenSIPS servers, in different locations, with different purposes.

What is OpenSIPS Control Panel good for?

The OpenSIPS Control Panel helps you with system and user provisioning for OpenSIPS. You can use the Control Panel to manage your SIP accounts, their aliases and permissions. On the system side, the Control Panel comes with a large set of tools to help with provisioning OpenSIPS specific tools like load balancing, dispatcher, dialplans, dynamic routing and many others. The Control Panel also give you access to a lot of data exposed by OpenSIPS like CDRs, statistics or SIP traces .

The OpenSIPS Control Panel wants to be a single point of managing your OpenSIPS based service - multiple OpenSIPS instances, multiple databases, multiple external services (like Monit, Homer).

Available versions

The OpenSIPS Control Panel version are tighly related to the OpenSIPS versions and their availability:

  • OCP version 8.3.0 matching OpenSIPS 3.0 - both still maintained
  • OCP version 8.2.4 matching OpenSIPS 2.4 LTS - both still maintained
  • OCP version 7.2.3 matching OpenSIPS 2.3 - note that OpenSIPS 2.3 is no longer maintained
  • OCP version 6.2 matching OpenSIPS 2.2 LTS - note that OCP 6.2 is no longer maintained