OpenSIPS Control Panel (OCP) Configuration Guide

This file shows information about the configuration of the OPENSIPS-CP. A minimal knowledge of php is necesarry to configure it.

1. Global Configuration Files Description

All the files for global configuration are situated in the separated directory config/.

Tools selector

File :

This files allows you to globally enable or disable certians tools in your OpenSIPS Control Panel, depening on your OpenSIPS setup. This will result in which tools (modules) and/or groups of tools should appear in the main menu.

For example :

	"users" => array (
		"enabled"   => true,
		"name"      => "Users",
		"modules"   => array (
			"acl_management" => array (
				"enabled"   => true,
				"name"      => "ACL Management"
			"alias_management"  => array (
				"enabled"   => false,
				"name"      => "Alias Management"
Here you can see that the Users tool group is enabled and the "ACL Management" module are enabled but the "Alias Management" is not enabled so it will not show up in the main menu.

Database Configuration

File :

The global configuration file helds global parameters for database connections to mysql or postgres. These parameters cover up all tools, unless one of the tools needs to use some other database. In such a case, a similar db file (called is found in config directory of the tool.

	//database driver mysql or pgsql
	$config->db_driver = "mysql";

	//database host
 	$config->db_host = "localhost";

	//database port - leave empty for default
	$config->db_port = "";

	//database connection user
	$config->db_user = "opensips";

	//database connection password
	$config->db_pass = "opensipsrw";

	//database name
	$config->db_name = "opensips";

Global Options

File : globals.php

The globals.php file is used for parameters that are being accessed in more then one module.

Boxes Definition

File :

For an easy deployment of the Opensips Control Panel , the "" file has been developed. The ideea was to keep the commonly used data (by multiple tools) in this file (to avoid data redundancy).

This file contains the descriptions of the boxes (servers) that form the platform provisioned/controlled by OpenSIPS Control Panel.

Each machine has an unique identification number ($box_id) - for each of them, you must configure a set of properties, like the IP addresses of the machine, MI interface, MONIT interface, etc

Following is a description of the associative arrays in the file:

Don't forget to increment the $box_id variable as you add boxes to the $boxes array.

2. Local Configuration Files Description

The local configuration files contain database layer connection data and other attributes that are specific to each tool. If the same database is being used for each module, then there should be used the global config file and the local one should be left as it is by default. If one module needs a different configuration, just uncomment the parameters and set them as needed:

These files are :

Documentation for each module can be found by following the specific link.