OpenSIPS Control Panel version class 8 (8.3.2, 8.3.1, 8.3.0 or 8.2.4) documentation

OpenSIPS Control Panel version 9 docs are here (9.3.2 for OpenSIPS 3.2).

OpenSIPS Control Panel version 7 docs are here (7.2.3 for OpenSIPS 2.3).

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  • Global configuration
  • Module Configuration - detailed description
    • SIP Users Class - Provision various information related to the OpenSIPS SIP subscribers.
      • Provison Users - create, edit or remove SIP Subscribers (along with their attributes)
      • Provison Aliases - create, edit or remove SIP Aliases for the SIP Subscribers
      • Provison ACLs - set/reset permissions (ACLs) for the the SIP Subscribers
    • System Class - Tools for provisioning various non-subscriber features in OpenSIPS.
      • CDR Viewer - list and search through the CDRs produced by OpenSIPS
      • Call Center - provision and manage the Call Center module in terms of flows, agents and calls
      • Clusterer - provision and manage the OpenSIPS built-in Clusterer module
      • Dialog - list ongoing calls and dispaly profile information
      • Dialplan - provision the Diaplan module, by adding, editing and removing diaplan rules
      • Dispatcher - provision and monitor the Dispacher module (dispatching sets and destinations)
      • Domains - manage the SIP domains used by OpenSIPS via Domain module
      • Dynamic Routing - provision gateway routing / LCR via routing rules, carriers and gateways
      • Homer - integration with the HOMER web portal for SIPCapture-ing
      • Load Balancer - provision and monitor the Load Balancing module
      • MI Commands - run OpenSIPS commands via Management Interface
      • Monit - integration with the Monit monitoring service
      • Permissions - provision IP based access permissions via Permissions module
      • RTPEngine - provision and manage the RTPEngine instances used by OpenSIPS
      • RTPProxy - provision and manage the RTPproxy instances used by OpenSIPS
      • SIPtrace - viewer of the SIP data captured via the siptrace module
      • Statistics Monitor - viewer and charter for the statistics provided by OpenSIPS
      • TLS Management - handle the set of TLS certificates used by OpenSIPS (for SIP, DB, WSS, etc)
      • TViewer - generic and customizable SQL Table Viewer
      • UAC registrant - provisioning for Client Registrations of OpenSIPS (available starting with 8.3.0)
      • SMPP Gateway - provisioning of SMS Centers to be used by the OpenSIPS SMPP Gateway (available starting with 8.3.0)